Human beings have been freezing food for millennia. For an overwhelming majority of that time, our ancestors used small rooms jammed full of salt and ice to slow freeze whatever it was they wanted to eat later. That process worked, but unfortunately, the slow cooling formed large crystals in the food, which would puncture during the unfreezing process and release nutrients and flavor. Thanks to Clarence Birdseye, however, there’s now a way easier way to do it.

In the above video entitled The Story of Frozen Food, One Minute Science examines the long strange history of frozen food and more specifically, Birdseye’s inspiration. He tried the unfrozen catches of ice fisherman and realized they tasted a hell of a lot better than any frozen fish he’d eaten before. That prompted him to start looking into the science and soon a multi-billion dollar business was born.

I love Internet videos that explain how certain processes work---like why we’re able to spend more money than exists on Earth or how life would deteriorate without the sun or oxygen. There’s nothing more fun than learning about cool shit, at least if it’s presented in a visually-appealing, momentum-filled way.

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