Over the last few hundred years, humanity, as a whole, has gotten taller. That doesn’t mean every single person now is taller than every single person then. At 6’4”, Abraham Lincoln towered over almost everyone back in the early-to-mid 1800s. Today, he’d be considered tall too. The difference is that he wouldn’t be considered unusually so. Most of us at least casually know someone who is 6’4” or more. So, over the next few hundred years, will we keep getting taller? Logic would seem to say yes, but the truth is far more complicated.

In the above video, V Sauce claims humans will likely get taller up to a certain point when we will basically reach the upper bounds of our genetics. Because of the way our bodies are structured, it gets harder to live as people approach 8’ and it becomes damn near impossible to thrive for a normal lifespan after 9’. Since the whole point of evolution is to find the best conditions to thrive, not to take up as much space as possible, it’s likely the average height will only increase another 6” or a 1’.

I love how far off topic V Sauce always strays; yet, he somehow always makes everything seem relevant. I mean—at one point in the video he talks about smelling distances of bears. He even finds time to give a shoutout to ASAP Science, but it all works just as well as some of his all-time classic efforts.

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