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The Dung Beetle is both one of the most aptly named and most unnerving creatures on Earth. Members of the species are literally born into shit, and they spend much of their lives doing all they can to acquire more shit, which they then consume. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Naturally, given everything outlined above, the Dung Bettle is a natural choice for Ze Frank’s popular YouTube series “True Facts”. Thus far, he’s done a wide assortment of strange creatures including the anglerfish, the tarsier and the praying mantis. A few days ago, the Dung Beetle joined the extensive list with the above video, and I must say I’m very pleased with it. The clip has the perfect balance of goofy asides and legitimate insights, as well as a collection of really interesting visuals.

Everyone always talks about Ze Frank’s wonderful narrator voice, but what really takes “True Facts” to another level is the quality of the pictures. The footage makes the series seem like a legitimate nature production rather than some nonsense a comedian makes on YouTube.

Here’s to hoping Ze Frank keeps finding ludicrous animals to make all of us laugh.

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