Human beings are a curious sort. We want to know what it feels like to blind or to be a stay at home dad. Fortunately, thanks to video services like YouTube, looking through someone else’s eyes has never been easier.

Back in January, Spencer Timme decided to record a video of him hanging out with his brother. Over the years, he’s been asked more than a few times what it feels like to have an older sibling with autism; so, instead of continually trying to explain, he decided to put together some footage that would actually show people his own perspective on the relationship with his brother.

There is no one single type of person with autism. In fact, there’s an entire spectrum ranging from very high functioning to very low functioning. Clearly, the older brother here is most definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, which is why he can remember dates so well and seems to have pretty decent people skills. More importantly, he also has a great relationship with his brother and is clearly a fun-loving guy to be around.

The key to maximizing a friendship or a familial relationship with someone with autism is to learn to celebrate all the strengths they have. As Spencer put it, when he has children, they’re always going to have an uncle willing to watch Disney movies with them and willing to make-believe to their heart’s content. In addition, they’ll also always have an uncle who loves to sing in the car, who looks on the bright side of life and who offers a big bear hug whenever they’re feeling down. Those skills are not only appreciated, they’re often times needed.

When parents hear the word autism, they understandably get a little nervous, but life is all about rolling with the punches. It’s about finding a course of treatment, working hard and appreciating every human being for what they can bring to the table, which is a great lesson for other conditions like Down Syndrome. Never underestimate someone’s capabilities, and never stop looking for ways to bond.

With that in mind, here’s the story of a man with Down Syndrome who opened his own restaurant. Not surprisingly, they serve up plenty of hugs…

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