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Just days after seeing his fascinating Ted Talk go live, Michael from V Sauce is back with the latest video in his normal series. This one takes a look at why human beings feel the need to kiss each other, and as always, it’s just as mentally stimulating as it is rambling.

From Alicia Silverstone chewing her baby’s food to exchanging genes with someone so your baby can subconsciously decide if the person is a good potential mate, V Sauce’s explanation for why we kiss touches on a host of different factors in play and also tells a crazy story about a researcher who separated monkeys from their mothers and found they preferred cuddly and warm cloth substitutes to scary, mechanical ones with the power to offer them food.

Human beings rarely do things for a singular motivations. Sex is always about far more than sex, and that same logic applies to kissing too. V Sauce’s best videos are always a great reminder of that, as well as places to learn incredibly cool facts.

The next time you’re kissing someone, you probably don’t want to think about how your desire to do so is somehow connected to the intimacy you received from your mother immediately after birth, but unfortunately, that’s not something you can ever unlearn.