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The average person will spend twenty-five years of his or her life sleeping. That’s a huge percentage of our overall runtime, and it begs one very generic and obvious question. Why? Why the hell do we need to sleep eight hours a day to continue functioning? The truth is we don’t know, but that hasn’t stopped YouTube all-star Hank Green from devoting eight and a half minutes to a new video about the subject.

It turns out there are plenty of unproven theories on the matter, many of which seem like they probably play at least a minor role. For example: sleep might be an evolutionary response to avoiding predators during the hours we’re most vulnerable. Or sleep might be a way for our bodies to conserve calories and energy. Or sleep might be a way for our bodies to recharge and heal. Regardless, we know for a fact that we need it. After going too long without sleep, our bodies begin breaking down, are more susceptible to disease and heightened emotions and start producing vivid hallucinations.

The above video was put together by The Science Show, and it’s already going over very well with fans. More than two hundred thousand have watched it in just the last week, probably because it takes such a clear, level-headed approach to the subject. All too often, videos try to imply we know more than we do by ignoring contradictory evidence or over-simplifying. Green, on the other hand, is more than willing to straight-up tell users we really have no idea what the hell is going on when it comes to sleep.

If you feel like checking out some more Science Show, you can watch the fascinating video. I’ve gone ahead and embedded below. It asks the question why there are more right-handed people than left in the world…

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