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YouTube Decides Not To Ban Kate Upton's Cat Daddy Video, Good Call?

The Internet is filled with thousands, maybe even millions, of websites that gladly offer readers pornography. YouTube is not one of them. The site has historically been very proactive about keeping smut off its server, and an unknown number of people monitor uploaded videos for obscene content. On Tuesday, one of those nameless individuals decided photographer Terry Richardson’s clip of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy in a red bikini was too scandalous for public consumption and dropped the ban hammer on the video.

Richardson, always an enterprising sort, simply uploaded the video elsewhere, and it began flying around the Internet, its run fueled by curious souls who wanted to see what YouTube objected to. Fortunately or unfortunately for the onlookers, they discovered a clip which didn’t actually have any nudity. Not surprisingly, more than a few of these people began emailing YouTube, and earlier today, the website reversed its decision and began rehosting the video. You can take a look at the clip below…

Now, there’s really two different ways to look at this. The first would be to say the clip doesn’t feature any actual nudity and is essentially just a hot chick dancing. As such, YouTube was totally in the wrong to ban and made the correct decision today. The second would be to say, while the video doesn’t feature nudity, it’s still clearly meant to titillate, especially given the rewind, and therefore violates the spirit of YouTube.

What do you think? Did YouTube get it right the first time, or were they correct to allow Kate Upton’s skimpy red bikini back? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

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