Approximately one year ago, an animal rescue center in Italy built a fence to separate its donkey, Jade, from its new zebra, Martin. It didn’t work. Blinded by lust for the donkey and unable to be contained, Martin broke down the fence one night and spent one passionate night with Jade before the owner fortified the fence and separated the two. Initially, it was assumed the one night stand would be a strange, forgotten memory, but nature had other plans. Employees soon noticed Jade was pregnant, and earlier this week, she gave birth to the only zonkey in Florence.

With the legs of a zebra and the body of a donkey, the creature has been named Ippo, and he’s been attracting quite a crowd at the animal rescue. According to Science World Report, he’s proven to be extremely energetic and playful thus far, which has thrilled the crowds. No doubt he’ll be a pretty big curiosity moving forward, but from a scientific perspective, the animal will also be worth studying since there aren’t many of his kind in the entire world.

Adorable videos of animals are far from rarities on the Internet. In fact, outside of porn, a strong case could be made that more YouTube videos involve animals than anything else. What makes this clip unique, however, is how completely uninteresting Ippo’s actual behavior is. He’s not doing anything productive whatsoever. There are no tricks, no gags and no curveballs. The animal is just hanging out, but because his mere existence is such a curiosity, the footage is whipping its way around the Internet. Consequently, if Ippo ever learns to dance or catch or play hopscotch, there’s a good chance a video of it will break the entire Internet.

Since it’s Thursday night and we could all use a way to kill a little bit of time, I’ve gone ahead and inserted another animal rarity What follows is a video depicting a white lion cub and a dog who have inexplicably become best friends. It’s unclear how long they’ll be able to keep hanging out because of the lion’s basic nature, but for the time being, they’re both pleased as punch with the arrangement.

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