As expected, Apple announced not one but two new iPhones today, the first of which is featured in the video below.

The iPhone 5C is not only the most colorful line of iPhones to date, but it's also affordably priced, with the 16GB version starting at $99 and the 32GB set for $199. For those in the market for an iPhone featuring top speed and security, there's the iPhone 5S, which boasts an A7 chip and the new Touch ID technology, which will make iPhone passcodes and passwords a thing of the past for unlocking your device and approving purchases from iTunes or the App Store.

Before we get to the 5S, let's talk about the small wonder that is the 5C. It looks fantastic, made of plastic and comes in a variety of glossy colors and equally colorful cases. Apple's video introducing the 5C appears to take special care to point out the durability of the phone, as many might have reservations about its plastic casing. And while we're on the subject of its size, it weighs 4.65 ounces and measures at 4.9 inches long and 2.33 inches wide.

On the tech side, it comes with an A6 chip and iOS 7 operating system. In addition to Apple's Intelligent assistant Siri, the phone comes with built in apps like the Safari browser, Voice Memos, Mail, Videos, Weather and Maps. Plus, you'll get access to a number of free apps (iPhoto, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iBooks, Remote and the Find My iPhone app.) The phone includes Apple EarPods with Remote Mic, Lightning USB Cable, USB Power Adapter and the documentation. Review the full list of specs on Apple's site. The iPhone 5C will be available for pre-order on September 13.

And for something a bit heftier (though it's technically lighter than the 5C) there's the new iPhone 5S:

The iPhone 4S gave us Siri. The 5S introduces Touch ID, a feature that's built into the phone and eliminates that pesky passcode to keep your phone secure. As the video demonstrates, the home button learns and reads your finger print. And the button works with 360-readability, so it doesn't even matter which way your finger is oriented, the phone can read the print.

One of my first concerns with this technology was, what if I want my husband to be able to access my phone? Or what if a parent wants to be sure they can get into their kid's phone? Apple says Touch ID lets you enroll multiple fingerprints, "it knows the people you trust, too."

On the tech side, the 5S comes with an A7 chip and is said to be the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. So it's fast, and it's actually a bit lighter than the 5C, at 3.95 ounces. It's 4.87 inches long by 2.31 inches, which makes it a little bit smaller as well. And as you may have seen in the video, in comes n Silver, "Space Gray" and Gold. It also features Siri and the mentioned built-in Apps and available Free apps featured for the 5C.

The iPhone 5S's starting price is $199. It will be available for to purchase September 20.

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