Kathy Griffin Confirms Bravo Has Cancelled Her Late-Night Show

Kathy Griffin is out of a job. The comedian has spent the last two TV seasons on Bravo, where she hosts the late-night program, Kathy. This weekend it was confirmed that Bravo has cancelled the program after only two seasons on the network.

Griffin was actually the person who confirmed the news, rather than the network, which is a little surprising. According to TV Line, the late night host was performing stand-up in Cincinnati, Ohio when she broke the news to audiences attending the show. Kathy was never a real ratings-bringer for the network, but despite this, Bravo renewed the program for a second season. With that news in mind, a renewal for a third season could have gone either way, however the network did choose to nix the program from its lineup this time around.

Griffin is also famous for hosting the New Year’s Eve program on CNN along with Anderson Cooper, and the cancellation of her late-night show comes just a few days after news broke that the comedian shot a pilot with the news and talk show anchor. There’s no word yet on whether or not CNN will pick up the project, but Griffin will certainly have a more open schedule if the project does get picked up.

Over the years, Griffin has proven she is good at a lot of comedic endeavors, from roasting to hosting and even starring in reality TV and stand-up specials. She’ll land on her feet, even if the CNN show with Anderson Cooper does not pan out.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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