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It is a truth universally acknowledged for folks in the entertainment biz that there is one rule more important than any other: the show must go on. This is a tough rule for performers, as nobody likes delivering Shakespeare through a head cold or dancing a rumba with a sinus infection. For young singer Ethan, however, even the dreaded hiccups were not enough to derail him in his rendition of the Australian national anthem at a baseball game. The show did go on, and it was awesome. Check it out!

Ethan deserves a round of applause just for powering through the national anthem in front of a huge crowd whilst hiccupping. Stepping up to the microphone was brave enough; continuing after hearing his hiccups magnified to echo throughout the stadium was downright heroic. Well done, Ethan.

Of course, he deserves that round of applause anyway. A student at a music institute, Ethan’s voice was downright lovely behind the hiccups. He may have gotten particularly resounding cheers for overcoming his hiccups to carry on with his song, but it’s hard to believe that a youngster with such a voice would not deserve an ovation.

The clip still wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to watch if it did not include looks at the players of both teams as they listened to a hiccupy rendition of their national anthem. There’s a real joy in them as they cracked up at the performance, but there’s no cruelty in it. If anything, they looked as young as Ethan as they snuck looks like misbehaving students back at the singer and whispered among themselves while they were supposed to be somberly gazing at their flag to think patriotic thoughts. Even the umpires were tickled.

Ethan giving an unforgettable performance that has indeed gained him international recognition – although perhaps not the kind he would have hoped for – may have given the players on the field a bit of extra pep than they’d get from regular renditions used to kick off a game. As the announcer said at the end of the clip, any future singer on the Australian baseball scene will have a seriously tough act to follow.

National anthems notoriously give singers trouble at sporting events. Some crowds are more receptive than others, as with this crowd of hockey fans who chimed in to help a Canadian singer as she stumbled through the American national anthem that she hadn’t expected to sing. Even Americans who knew they’d have a performance of the difficult song can struggle, from Lauren Alaina of American Idol fame to Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

While we have yet to see Aerosmith perform a version of the Australian national anthem, it does not seem like a particularly easy song. Young Ethan powering through his hiccups to nail his national anthem at a baseball game is a joy to watch, and definitely worth a rewatch or two.