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The Price Is Right flubs often happen when contestants have no idea how to wager on the products up for grabs by the TV series. However, recently, announcer George Gray fell off of a treadmill while trying to explain a product on the show. Check out the huge fall, below.

The poor guy is seriously into the gig, explaining the treadmill to fans of the show. However, his big mistake is trying to announce while also running backwards on the exercise machine. Honestly, it may have worked out for the guy if someone hadn’t tried to hand him some sheafs of paper from the sidelines. But unfortunately, multitasking does not seem to be George Gray’s strong suit. At least he wasn’t trying to chew gum at the same time. Yeesh.

If you need a closer look at the fall, there’s also an excellent Vine running around.

Despite looking a little dazed, Gray actually kept reading about the other products that were up for grabs after falling off the treadmill, while the girls who were modeling tried their best not to laugh. When he finally got around to announcing the treadmill, he hopped up and cracked a joke about aspirin not being included. It’s one of those moments that could have been extremely bad if Gray had cracked his head open, but he didn’t, so it’s nice that he handles the incident lightly. You can catch the aftermath of the fall here.

The Price is Right has been in the news several times recently, thanks to goofy moments like George Gray’s big fall. You can check out the always-classic video of the young man who guessed $7,000 for a hammock that was worth a whole lot less. More recently, a couple of contestants had even worse bids for iPhone 6’s. You can check out those foolish bids, here.

Most of the time, The Price Is Right is a fun watch. Typically, the show provides the audience a chance to root for the contestants, but every now and again, something happens that lets the audience laugh at the expense of the contestants, the host or in this case, the announcer. I suppose that's the downside of shooting television live in front of a studio audience, at least for the person who flubbed.

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