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The Price is Right recently featured an excited contestant, a contestant who was so pumped, in fact, that she said some pretty silly things on the stage when host Drew Carey asked her about her residence and occupation. Check out the giggle-filled segment, below.

It’s not unusual for game shows to ask for basic information from contestants. Questions like “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” are pretty common, but answers like “I am a student of education in college” are not. That’s right, the enthusiastic young woman was asked what she did and she appropriately answered that she is a student, but her weird use of terminology caused Drew Carey to lapse into a fit of laughter that was more intense than anything I’ve seen from the game show host before. I’m positive the girl didn't really recognizes why Drew Carey burst spontaneously into laughter, as she gave the camera a thumbs up like everything was going just peachy. A student of education, indeed.

At least her gal pal recognized that she needed to be embarrassed for her friend. I love that the show cut to the girl the contestant came with in the audience. She was smiling, but it was that awkward smile you plaster on when you are not sure what to do in a given situation. And her hands totally betray the mortification she is actually feeling. Look at it; bask in it.


To give the girl some credit, she was smart enough to win the early bidding round and actually make it up on stage. In fact, when saying "a student of education" she probably (at least we are really, really hoping) meant that she is an education major and will be teaching the youth of the nation sometime soon. It’s the word choice (and the idea that she could be teaching the youth of the nation soon) that really gets us in stitches.

This isn’t the first time The Price is Right has dealt with a major flub in recent weeks. A few days ago, Price is Right model Mauela Arbelaez accidentally revealed the correct price of a vehicle when she wasn’t supposed to, allowing the woman to win the car and the TV series to lose some serious moolah. In that instance, Drew Carey was also laughing, but for far different awkward TV moment reasons. She didn’t get fired or anything, so we can chalk it up as a flub to remember, although it may not be as amusing as the time announcer George Gray fell off a treadmill. They are totally gonna play that at his retirement.

In any event, the contestant’s education-oriented flub was more weird than anything else, and at least this flub didn’t come with a hefty price tag for The Price is Right.

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