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Game shows are all well and fun to watch at home from the safety of the couch, but competing for prizes in front of a camera can’t be easy for folks who don’t spend time on screen on a regular basis. Still, some game show flubs are just too major to be excused by the pressure of five minutes of fame, and one Wheel of Fortune contestant recently gave a geography answer so unexpectedly off-base that it even took longtime host Pat Sajak by surprise. Check it out!

Well, at least his wife wasn’t too surprised by the geography fail. If anything, the Wheel of Fortune clip is a testament to the strength of their marriage. Not many of us might have been able to recover from a spouse opining that Venice is located in Paris as quickly as Keri did after David’s answer.

To David’s credit, he did read the reaction of the audience somewhat well when he realized that Paris is not actually a country. He’s not the only person to forget that Paris is not a country. Jimmy Kimmel found a bunch of kids in New York who made the same mistake. Besides, David bounced back from his gigantic geography mishap with enough of a grin that we don’t have to feel too bad for laughing.

Pat Sajak cracking up was definitely a highlight of the video. It can’t be easy for any contestant to make a man who has been hosting a game show for more than thirty years lose his cool on camera, but David believing that Venice is in France was apparently enough to break Sajak’s demeanor. He’s not the first to shock Sajak, but he’ll definitely be one of the most memorable.

Funny as David and Sajak were, however, my favorite reaction has to come from Keri. “Do we still get it?” is really the perfect answer after a spouse gets the home country of a famous city wrong, and only briefly averting her eyes after the “France” flub showed that she is a pro in dealing with gaffes from her husband. Well done, Keri. Well done.

Wheel of Fortune may not always feature contestants making such epic fails, but the problems usually do come from wild guesses at solving the puzzles rather than the post-puzzle banter. Not everybody can be a winner, and fabulous bloopers are a natural part of any game show.

Personally, this particular blooper is enough to scare me off from ever wanting to compete on Wheel of Fortune. While I definitely am up on my geography enough to at least name the right area of Europe for Venice, I’d much rather tackle the tough categories on Jeopardy. At least wrong responses wouldn’t be so embarrassing when the questions are particularly obscure.