President of Marvel Studios and Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Kevin Feige discusses Marvel Phase Four, WandaVision, bringing the MCU to Disney+ and more in this interview with CinemaBlend Managing Editor Sean O’Connell.

Video Chapters

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - What Marvel Studios Did With The Extra Time In 2020
01:44 - How Much Of A Game-Changer Disney+ Is For The MCU
03:48 - Are Marvel's "Phases" Going To End?
05:06 - Is "WandaVision" The MCU's "House of M?"
07:10 - Kevin Shows Off His "WandaVision" Hat
07:25 - Kevin On The "Avengers: Endgame" Portals Scene
08:55 - Is Kevin Sad That Tony Stark and Reed Richards Won't Meet?

You can stream WandaVision on Disney+ January 15.