Dead Space 3 Announcement During EA's E3 Press Conference?

By Pete Haas 4 years ago discussion comments
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EA may be on the verge of announcing Dead Space 3. They've updated their website with an interesting animated video and they're also teasing a reveal in the next few days.

This video, billed as a "new chapter in the Dead Space saga," stars Sergeant John Carver. He's out on patrol around his colony on the planet Uxor when unknown ships begin to attack. Shortly afterward, Necromorphs begin to run wild. The video ends with Carver heading into the colony to find his wife and child.

The Dead Space website adds that this is only the beginning of Carver's saga. But how will this saga play out? Will it just be a series of animated films? Or will they lead up to a new game in the series?

Recently a couples clues about Dead Space 3 have emerged. A retailer listed the game briefly in April before yanking it. Furthermore, a designer at Visceral Games mentioned DS3 on his resume.

There's another interesting addition to the Dead Space website: a countdown. It's three boxes of symbols above the videos. If you played the game, you might recognize these symbols: they're from the Unitology alphabet. More specifically, they're numbers.

The website's source code identifies the three countdown boxes as being "days, hours, and minutes." If you look up the symbol in the "days" box, you'll learn that it translates to "5." Five days from now is June 4th, the day that EA will hold their E3 press conference. That sounds like a good time to announce a new entry in their survival horror series, wouldn't you say?
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