This is a great time to be a gamer and to follow gaming news. I don't ever remember a point in history where retailers were as incompetent as they are now, all to the benefit of eager gamers awaiting juicily delicious news for upcoming and unannounced titles.

With all that said, a retailer going by the name of BT Games managed to mistakenly list pre-orders for Dead Space 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2. So yeah, it looks like we can expect some announcements soon for Dead Space 3 and Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2.

Strategy Informer [via Blues] came across the leak, in which case the retailer's page was quickly updated and the information was removed.

According to Blues this South African site was also responsible for leaking Mass Effect 3's multiplayer support as well as the Jak & Daxter HD Collection. So you can always count on BT Games to bring you scoops you weren't supposed to know about in the first place.

What's more is that this BT Games also erroneously listed 2K Games as the publisher for Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2, so that kind of knocks a few points off the credibility checklist, however, if they are known for leaking games then it's not too far fetched that EA would be announcing both games soon. Rumors for Dead Space 3 have been circulating for a quite a while, too. So we'll see if any of this comes to fruition, just like the Crysis 3 leak.

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