Puddle Set To Spill Onto Vita Tuesday

By Ryan Winslett 4 years ago discussion comments
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Puddle may have started out as a student project but, these days, itís a full-fledged game thatís playing with the big boys. Released earlier this year for the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, the liquid physics-based puzzle game will be heading to the PlayStation Vita next week, complete with a handful of improvements and Vita-specific options.

As I said, Puddle began its life as a project for half a dozen students attending ENJMIN. Their little-game-that-could went on to win the Student Showcase prize at GDC 2010 and was eventually picked up by Neko Entertainment.

QA Manager Sebastian Chipot recently posted on the PlayStation Blog, saying the team has learned a lot from Puddleís initial console release in January. Theyíve taken those lessons, it would seem, and applied them to the upcoming Vita version.

According to Chipot, Puddle for the Vita will be a ďbit easierĒ than its console siblings, offer the ability to skip any particularly frustrating levels, offer tips on every loading screen and support multiple control options. Players can guide their puddle using the analog stick, tilt controls, using the L and R buttons, or even the rear touch pad. No matter what your play preference, it sounds like this latest version of Puddle will have you covered.

As for the objective of the game, your goal is as simple as getting your puddle to the end of the level. Given how many traps, obstacles and tricky curveballs the developers throw your way, however, thatís far easier said than done.

No price point was announced but the original version of the game went for $9.99, so you shouldnít expect to be spending more than 10 bucks on this latest iteration of Puddle when it hits Vita next week.
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