Django Unchained Still Has 6 Days Left To Shoot, Can It Make Its Release Date?

By Sean O'Connell 2012-07-14 16:22:35discussion comments
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Django Unchained Still Has 6 Days Left To Shoot, Can It Make Its Release Date? image
Quentin Tarantino descended on San Diego Comic Con Saturday morning with eight minutes of footage from his anticipated Django Unchained. We have a complete breakdown of Tarantinoís Hall H presentation here. But we just confirmed that QT couldnít bring all of Django to the Con, because he hasnít finished filming the movie yet.

With Eric embedded in Hall H to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage of todayís massive panels, I covered Django Unchained interviews with Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Walton Goggins and Christoph Waltz. The latter talked to us about the reports that Tarantino has changed his script during the filming process, leading to possible delays.

ďItís like a living organism. And with Quentin, more so than with everybody else. There are directors who storyboard the whole thing, adhere to the script religiously, have a shot list that is mathematically perfect, and you shoot one thing after another. With Quentin, itís a living organism. The script is the point of departure. Shooting takes care of collecting the material for his edit. Thereís six more days to shoot, and then the release date is supposed to be the 25th of December. [laughs]Ē

When asked if heís placing bets on Tarantino actually achieving that release date, Waltz paused, shrugged and said, ďWell Ö I donít know. I completely ÖĒ

And then he was cut off by another reporterís question, and he didnít go back to the release date. Itís July 14. Could Tarantino shoot for six more days, hole himself up in an editing bay, and deliver his finished film in time for Dec. 25? Absolutely. Itís likely Tarantino has been editing together previously-shot footage up to this point. As Waltz pointed out earlier in the interview, the movie already exists in Tarantinoís head, long before he commits to shooting it. Now all he has to do is get it out of his head and put it on the screen. And heís cutting it close on time. Weíll see how it plays out.
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