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American Sniper Is About To Break These New Movie-Ticket Records
Clint Eastwood's latest film American Sniper has been killing it since its wide release hit theaters last weekend. Not only has it made a ton of money, it also broke records for movie openings in the month of January. And the war-drama isn't even close to surrendering yet, as new information suggests its about to make even more substantial money and break, yet, even more records.
american sniper William Fanelli 2015-01-22
Sarah Palin Blasts American Sniper Critics, The Oscars In Shocking Tirade
American Sniper got a wide release across the United States last Friday, and while it took in the hugely impressive box office sum of over $105 million over the holiday weekend, it was also met with hugely divisive comments from plenty of celebrities.
american sniper Gregory Wakeman 2015-01-20
How Steven Spielberg's Version Of American Sniper Would Have Been Different
Steven Spielberg almost directed American Sniper. Find out what the legendary director would have done differently.
american sniper Joseph Baxter 2015-01-20
Why American Sniper Went With That Horrifying Fake Baby Over The Real Thing
This explains why Eastwood Ė a notoriously economic director who isnít going to let a little thing like a fever baby stand in the way of staying on time and under budget Ė would roll with the doll and keep his actors moving.
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2015-01-20
Did Seth Rogen Just Refer To American Sniper As War Propaganda?
With each new war movie, there's a new controversy that seems to rear its head. But is there really a controversy with Seth Rogen's tweets pertaining to American Sniper?
american sniper Mike Reyes 2015-01-19
American Sniper Has Already Made A Ridiculous Amount Of Money
Along with August, January is seen by many as being one of the worst months in the calendar year for movies - but just like Guardians of the Galaxy did last summer, American Sniper is doing its part to change its release date's profile. After all, the film has already made more than $100 million in its first four days in wide release.
american sniper Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-19
Bradley Cooper's 10 Greatest Roles, Ranked In Order
American Sniper is Bradley Cooperís third straight Best Actor nomination, following nods for his two films with director David O. Russell. But where does it rank on a list of the all-time great Bradley Cooper roles?
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2015-01-19
Michael Moore Slams Clint Eastwood For These New American Sniper Reasons
What you donít necessarily expect is criticism from a fellow filmmaker Ė and from a fellow Oscar winner in Michael Moore. Bradley Cooper and Clint Eastwood likely wonít comment on the controversy, because sometimes saying nothing is the smarter choice. Michael Moore likely learned that lesson here.
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2015-01-19
Monday Movie Memo: 4 Big Reasons American Sniper Was A Hit
Itís a huge win for Warner Bros., which is mounting a growing Oscar campaign for Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper and the movie. But why did American Sniper perform so well? We talk about it in todayís Monday Movie Memo.
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2015-01-19
The Shocking Reason Michael Moore Hates American Sniper's Hero
Director Michael Moore has never been one to shy away from controversy. His documentaries have long gotten very divided responses - typically along political party lines - and he has become known as one to regularly and loudly speak his mind on cultural topics.
american sniper Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-18
Weekend Box Office: American Sniper Takes Down January Record, Blackhat Crashes and Burns
After spending three weeks in a very shrewd, word-of-mouth buzz generating, 2014 Oscars qualifying limited release, American Sniper expanded into wide release this weekend, catapulting to number one and setting records at the same time.
american sniper Scott Gwin 2015-01-18
American Sniper Is Going To Make An Insane Amount Of Money This Weekend
The newest Bradley Cooper film American Sniper opened in theaters last night, immediately proving itself to be a major box office contender. If it can manage to keep up at its current pace, and projections say it likely will, it could end up making the studios a mountain of cash.
american sniper William Fanelli 2015-01-17
Directors Guild Goes With American Sniper And Clint Eastwood Over Selma
Are these five DGA nominees locks for Oscar? Not exactly. There have been exceptions over the years, where one or two DGA nominees didnít carry over to Oscarís ballot.
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2015-01-13
American Sniper Getting A Much Larger Release Than Expected
As American Sniper heads for its expanded release, the film promises to get an even bigger screen release.
american sniper Catarina Cowden 2015-01-11
Watch This Supercut Of Epic Movie Shots From 2014
This supercut of 2014's best shots of cinematography might just leave you with stars in your eyes. Check out what one editor thought was the best of the best after the jump.
american sniper Mike Reyes 2014-12-30
Awards Blend: The Best Actor Race Is About To Get Bloody
Someoneís going to be left out in the cold. Several very talented and deserving people, in fact. Thereís no avoiding it. There are simply too many talented actors vying for five Best Actor slots this year, so on the morning of the Oscar nominations, there could be as many as 10 worthy performers looking at the five nominees and wondering why they arenít in that exclusive group.
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2014-12-05
Awards Blend: American Sniper Is Clint Eastwood's Best Film In Years, But...
Almost every year, Clint Eastwood attempts to have an Oscar contender ready to drop into the race. Sometimes, those campaigns pan out, as when Million Dollar Baby (2004) and Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) drummed up Academy support. Recently, however, Eastwood films like Hereafter, J. Edgar and Jersey Boys have failed to generate awards heat.
american sniper Sean O'Connell 2014-11-21
Bradley Cooper Gained A Ton Of Weight For American Sniper
Chris Pratt went from being a doughy comedian to being a cut action star when he signed on to star in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he wasn't the only star of that movie to recently pack on pounds of muscle for a role. As it turns out, Bradley Cooper - who voiced Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel Studios film - got very committed to his part starring in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper and added a ton of weight in preparation.
american sniper Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-05
The Stunning American Sniper Trailer Tempts Bradley Cooper To Shoot Children
The first trailer for American Sniper, Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooperís bio of war veteran, Chris Kyle, has been released, and itís damn good stuff. Kyle is the most-lethal sniper in American military history, having 160 confirmed kills out of 255 claimed kills, but Eastwood is set to mix in a look at Kyleís life at home with his efforts on the battle-field, and early-word is that it will be a shoe-in come Awards season.
american sniper Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-03
Clint Eastwood's New Movie Just Moved Up To Try And Win An Oscar
One of the many reasons Clint Eastwood remains a badass is his no-nonsense approach to filmmaking. When he makes a movie, he doesn't really want you to know about it, and he doesn't want to make a big stink out of how prolific he really is. Many times, that involves shooting a film as quick and efficiently as possible completely under the radar until the film is ready to hit theaters. It's only at that time that he'll grit his teeth and promote the work.
american sniper Gabe Toro 2014-08-12
Clint Eastwood Enlisting Some Real Navy SEALs For American Sniper With Bradley Cooper
Based on a true story, the film will see Cooper star as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a veteran who holds the record for most sniper kills by an American. While multiple real SEALs are expected to be featured in the film, one of them will be Kevin ĎDauberĒ Lacz, a personal friend of Kyle's.
american sniper Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-20
Sienna Miller Lands Female Lead In Clint Eastwood's American Sniper
Sienna Miller is attached to play Kyleís wife, who has to stay home and raise the kids and keep the family safe while Kyle is overseas running missions. Apparently it was a hotly contested part, with the trades actually revealing that the second choice for the role was Jaimie Alexander, best known to genre fans as Sif in the Thor movies.
american sniper Gabe Toro 2014-03-17
UPDATED: Clint Eastwood Up To Replace Steven Spielberg On American Sniper
The film will tell the true story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who holds the U.S. military record for most sniper kills. Over the course of his decade-long career serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle took out more than 150 targets, shattering the previous American record of 109.
american sniper Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-20
Steven Spielberg Is No Longer Directing American Sniper
For the second time since the release of Lincoln, Steven Spielberg has opted out of directing a project. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker has decided that he no longer wants to direct American Sniper, the adaptation of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography that is set to star Bradley Cooper. According to the report, Spielberg's vision for the film wasn't doable with the budget that was being offered.
american sniper Eric Eisenberg 2013-08-05
Steven Spielberg Will Direct Bradley Cooper In Iraq War-Set American Sniper
Having tackled World War II many times, World War I in War Horse and the Civil War in Lincoln, Spielberg will for the first time be telling a story about modern warfare, following Kyle's life as a sniper in the Iraq War. He was dubbed the "Devil of Ramadi" by Iraqis and, according to the title of his book, was the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history
american sniper Katey Rich 2013-05-03
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