What Happened When George Lucas Visited The Star Wars: Rogue One Set
George Lucas wasn't involved with making Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but he still got to take a look at the spinoff when it was shooting, and it sounds like he left quite an impression.
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13 Celebrities South Park Made Fun Of In Particularly Vicious Ways
Here are 13 celebrities that were victims of South Park's blunt force humor over the 19 seasons in which just about every aspect of our culture has been steamrolled, stacked and burned.
New Text Game Lets You Play As George Lucas
ClickHole created a little project called You're George Lucas In 1975. Can You Create Star Wars?. It's a choose your own text adventure starring George Lucas as he attempts to create Star Wars. It takes a lot of jabs at the creative process and all sorts of other things as players attempt to make the right choices to help Lucas create Star Wars.
How Some Star Wars Fans Are Trying To Lure George Lucas Back For Episode IX
Although Colin Trevorrow has already been confirmed as the director of Star Wars: Episode IX, some fans are taking this action to get George Lucas to replace him.
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See Mark Hamill Actually Describe The Star Wars Prequels 20 Years Before They Happened
It turns out that Mark Hamill knew about George Lucas' plans for the Star Wars prequels all the way back in 1980. Pity he didn't try and change his mind. Boom.
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Read George Lucas' Apology For Calling Disney White Slavers
Star Wars creator George Lucas got in some hot water recently when he referred to Disney a bunch of "white slavers," but he has now backpedaled from that ill-advised remark and apologized.
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Why George Lucas Didn't Love Disney's Star Wars 7 Idea
Back when Lucasfilm was first purchased by Disney and the new trilogy was first announced, it sounded like the idea was to use ideas that George Lucas already had as the foundation of the new films. That didn’t last very long.
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See Peter Jackson's Honest Thoughts About George Lucas
The man who helmed the Lord of the Rings franchise shares his thoughts on the creator of Star Wars.
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What George Lucas Originally Wanted Star Wars To Be About
In the last 40 years Star Wars has continued to be as big a deal today as it was when it premiered, if not even bigger. But, George Lucas simply wanted to make a movie that young people could relate to.
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George Lucas' Live-Action Star Wars TV Show Could Still Happen, Here's The Latest
We’re currently on the cusp of a new era in the Star Wars franchise, and the next untold number of years will be full of new intergalactic adventures in just about every medium. And George Lucas' Star Wars: Underworld isn't dead yet.
5 Moments That Prove George Lucas Is Actually A Movie Genius
Nowadays everyone hates George Lucas. But it's easy to forget how talented a filmmaker he was. In fact, in his prime, George Lucas was a downright movie genius.
The Big Problem With Star Wars, According To Francis Ford Coppola
With a new Star Wars movie on the way, George Lucas is on lot of minds, but it's not just fans, as contemporaries like Francis Ford Coppola are also giving him some thought, and the Godfather director has one big issue with that galaxy far, far away.
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What George Lucas Really Thought Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
We learned a few days ago that George Lucas has already seen The Force Awakens. The word coming off that screening was that Lucas liked the movie. Now, however, Lucas has spoken publicly about the film, himself.
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Why George Lucas Didn't Work On Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Despite the fact that he guided the franchise from birth, George Lucas didn't have anything to do with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but he had a very good reason for sitting this one out.
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How George Lucas Really Feels About Star Wars Now That It's Not His
George Lucas admitted that it's going to be very weird to see a Star Wars film for the first time without being involved in the production. He even compared the experience to a painful divorce.
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The 3 People George Lucas First Asked To Direct The Star Wars Prequels
While George Lucas was the man behind Star Wars from the beginning he only directed the first film in the original trilogy. When it came time for the prequel trilogy however, Lucas famously, or infamously, directed all three of the films.
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George Lucas Finally Reveals Why He Broke Up With Star Wars
When Disney first announced the return of the Star Wars saga it was originally reported that the new films would be based on stories written by the franchise creator George Lucas. Them it turned out that was not the case.
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Why George Lucas Isn't Going To Direct Anymore Big Budget Films
Though George Lucas may have helped birth some of the biggest movies of all time, now that he's moved on from Lucasfilm, don't expect to see him direct any big budget movies anytime soon.
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Star Wars Isn't Flawless, According To The Latest Honest Trailer
Few movies have had an enormous impact on both the film industry and pop culture, but Star Wars, a.k.a. Episode IV: A New Hope, can count itself on that list. However, that doesn’t keep it safe from receiving an Honest Trailer.
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What George Lucas Thinks Of Other People Altering Old Films
George Lucas takes a lot of heat for how he altered the original versions of his Star Wars films, but he once had a very different view on the idea of people altering old films.
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