If you can’t earn a Commander of the British Empire Award or a knighthood from the Queen, don’t worry, there are still other countries offering some pretty prestigious honorary awards. Maybe French President Nicolas Sarkozy can hook you up with a Legion of Honour award, a prestigious little gift that stretches all the way back to Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 1800s.

This year’s list features a rather unlikely lady, actress Salma Hayek, who married into a prestigious French family in 2009. The 45 year-old actress will be gifted with a Legion of Honour alongside her retired businessman father-in-law, Francois Pinault. According to NY Daily News, Hayek will earn a Chevalier, or a Knight honor, in the ranks. Her father-in-law is set to be awarded with the prestigious Grand Officer ranking, a high honor for a civilian.

Hayek will be inducted into the Legion of Honour at the Élysées Palace in Paris sometime in the next two months. The From Dusk To Dawn actress will join a strange list of ranks that includes Robert Redford, Robert De Niro, and even Jerry Lewis. A formal ceremony is in the works to mark the induction, so she’ll get to bust out a low-cut dress. Afterward, I’m pretty sure we won’t have to start referring to Hayek as Mrs. Knight, but we will all know soon enough. I wonder if Jack Donaghy knew his Elisa had it in her?

Pop Blend will keep you updated if Hayek speaks out about her upcoming knighthood.



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