High school quiz show participants might not be known for their keen senses of humor, but the guys from Brookline have certainly mastered the art of subtle hilarity. They recently appeared on “The Quiz Show” to have their knowledge tested against another team in front of thousands of local television viewers. During the appearance, the host asked each for their favorite movie, and one by one, they each picked films starring Nicolas Cage.

It took the host a minute to realize what was happening, but eventually, there was no denying it. Check out the footage below…

I have no idea whether these four guys will ever be able to use their superior intellects to earn a spot on Jeopardy to try and win some big money in the future, but regardless of whether that happens or not, they’ll do fine in whatever career paths they choose. Men and women with big brains and good senses of humor are practically shoe-ins for high level positions in whatever fields they choose.

As for my personal favorite movie? That would have to be The Rock because I can’t get enough of the interpersonal dynamics between the different characters who all want something slightly different from the hostage situation. Plus, nothing beats those feisty Nic Cage one-liners.



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