TV Recap: Top Chef Miami

By Mack Rawden 9 years ago discussion comments
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Itís Wednesday evening, and as usual, that means my night has revolved around Top Chef. The recap took a break last week due to a non elimination, but itís back in full force this week. So, prepare those palettes and get ready to bite in. Itís going to be delicious.

Last weekís episode ended with a surprising cliff hanger in which no one was eliminated and each team was informed that their restaurants would be reopened for business with the same groups as before: Howie, Dale, Sara, and Hung vs CJ, Tre, Casey, and Brian.

As usual, the hour opened with the Quick Fire challenge, but for the first time ever, it was a team event rather than a solo attempt at glory. The cooks were set up on an assembly line and they were informed that they would be racing to see which team could shuck oysters, dice onions, cut a chicken, and beat three eggs the fastest. The first round pitted Howie against Brian to see who could shuck fifteen oysters the fastest. Apparently, Brian has been in oyster shucking competitions in the past, and he easily bested the bald headed beast giving Casey a nice lead over Sara.

Unfortunately for Brianís foursome, Casey moves at the pace of an old woman shopping and lost the entire lead and then some. Iíve never finely chopped four onions before, but Iím pretty sure my virgin attempt would be nearly as fast as her slothful effort. Hung then widened his groupís lead, which was really no surprise considering heís like a Blitzkrieg in the kitchen. Even Tom was laughing and seemed amazed. Hung was basically finished before Casey even handed the reigns over to Tre. Finally, Dale was able to finalize the victory with some solid egg beating.

As a reward for winning the Quick Fire, Hung and friends were given two hundred extra dollars for wine and given Season 1 contestant Stephenís help in choosing which booze would properly compliment their meal. Iím a huge fan of the sometimes overbearing prick; so, I was naturally enthused that the producers brought him back.

The chefs were then told that they would be forced to prepare multiple course choices, and each team sat down to rework their menu. Daleís team made some extensive changes, but Tre and company elected to mostly keep things the same. It was definitely an odd choice to stay with a combination that didnít win the first time around, but Iím in no position to question people that are more talented.

The Elimination actually ended up being a complete blowout. Tre, Casey, and CJ all whipped up below par dishes, while Howie, Sara, Dale, and Hung all succeeded with their eclectic menu. At judgesí table, Sara was announced the winner on account of her being the executive chef, and all four members of the losing team were brought in to endure Tomís wrath. In a shocking decision, Tre was asked to pack his knives and leave, removing most peopleís odds on favorite from the competition.

Thatís all for this week. Check back with TV Blend next week for another Top Chef recap.
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