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TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy - Here's To The Future / Now or Never

Ummm.... wow. I've been trying to wrap my mind around this season finale and all that will pass through my head is just...wow. I don't even know how to give you a quick summary here without spoiling the whole thing and still not get across just how big this was.

TV Recap:  Dollhouse - Omega

So I'm a little pissed at you, Mr Whedon. Sure, some people grasped that Dollhouse wasn't really about Ballard's quest to free Echo, but rather the threat that technology poses to humanity, both literally and figuratively, but it only really hit home for me this week - In the fricking finale!

TV Recap:  Grey's Anatomy - What A Difference A Day Makes

Despite all the teasers and build-up leading to the big Episode 100, Meredith and Derek do not get married this week. Let me just get that out of the way right now.

TV Recap:  Dollhouse - Briar Rose

With everything coming to a head this week, this should have been a mind-blowing episode. Ballard finally gets inside the Dollhouse and throws down with Langton and we finally find out who Alpha is. But I saw the Alpha reveal coming a mile away, which may have been the main reason that this episode... really did nothing for me.

TV Recap:  Grey's Anatomy - No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)

Family seems to factor in quite a bit this week. Thatcher Grey gets out of rehab and sparks off some drama for Meredith and Lexie. Izzie's mom shows up to drive her insane. Callie is still trying to deal with the fallout from her father's visit last week and how it's affecting her relationship with her family.

TV Recap:  Heroes - An Invisible Thread

Season finales on Heroes are a weird thing. They don't really feel like an ending of anything. Many things are resolved, but we're given just as many open plot threads and teasers to the point that it just feels like a break

TV Recap:  Dollhouse - Haunted

Only two more episodes left, and we didn't really move the plot forward at all this week. That wouldn't be such a problem if the season was more than thirteen episodes and/or there was much chance of a second season, but... well, this is Fox and the beginning of this series was very rough. I'll still keep hoping, though.

TV Recap:  Grey's Anatomy - Sweet Surrender

Grey's is FINALLY back, though my DVR didn't seem to realize it! We had a pretty damn good episode this week.

TV Recap:  Heroes - I Am Sylar

This week is very Sylar-centric, and I love me some Sylar, but I much prefer when he's joyously evil. Not so much when he's angsty and simply losing his damn mind. Which isn't to say that this episode was bad. Sylar's Norman Bates impression was very creepy and we did move the plot forward somewhat, but I really don't see how they'll wrap this up in one more episode.

TV Recap:  Heroes - 1961

Despite half of the episode taking place in the past, there weren't really any new revelations this week - just some added context. We find out exactly what caused "The Company" to be formed, in a sort of "everything has happened before and will happen again" type feeling. We also get to meet yet another member of the Petrelli clan, and she's somehow even crazier than the rest!

TV Recap:  Dollhouse - A Spy In The House of Love

This week's episode uses misdirection and non-linear storytelling to keep us guessing on several plot points, including the identity of the promised spy within the Dollhouse. All two of us that were wondering what the deal was with Victor's "Lonely Hearts" engagements finally get some answers, as well.

TV Recap:  Heroes - Turn and Face The Strange

Tonight was a transition episode; it existed solely to get everyone where the writers wanted them to be. HRG hunted and on the run just like the people that he's been chasing all these years. Danko even more angry at the heroes and determined to get them all. Sylar seemingly even more secure in his new power.

TV Recap:  Dollhouse - Needs

Amid the backdrop of The Dollhouse and its staff upgrading its electronic security systems and making plans to ferret out their "troubled" Actives, the four Actives with the most glitches - coincidentally the four Actives with whom we're the most familiar - awake to their original personalities and make their escape to engage in their own personal missions.

TV Recap: Heroes - Into Asylum

Things are beginning to look interesting! I messed up and thought last week was a rerun, so I try to hit the high points this week. This week, Angela and Peter begin to form a plan, Danko gets a new partner, HRG continues to play both sides, and Claire finally smack some sense into her father. THIS... is Heroes.

TV Recap: Dollhouse - Echoes

This week, we learn more about Echo/Caroline's past and how she came to be at the Dollhouse when a drug is released at her former school by a company associated with the Dollhouse. Nearly all of the Actives are sent to contain the threat and Echo is inexplicably drawn to join them. Hijinks ensue.

TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy - Elevator Love Letter

What an incredibly emotionally heavy episode! Nobody seems to be taking the possibility of Izzie dying very well, especially Alex. Meredith has lured Derek back to surgery, but he's not sure he's ready. Derek asks Meredith to marry him, but she's not sure that he's ready. McBadass's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder hits a crisis point and he'll have to face up to it. This really could have been a season finale, it was so packed with emotion, conflict, and resolution.

TV Recap: Dollhouse - Man On The Street

Did you hear all of the buzz saying that this week’s Dollhouse was going to be explosive? They were right! I would love to tell you right now what all the reveals are, but that would defeat the purpose of you reading this article, wouldn’t it? Suffice to say, Ballard and Echo finally meet and there are numerous big surprises and reveals. Dollhouse is finally getting good!

TV Recap: Greys Anatomy - Stand By Me

This week’s episode was full of drama. We get to meet the son of Two-Face. Cristina gets her first solo surgery. Everyone finally finds out that Izzie has cancer. After almost bringing all of Seattle Grace down into his depression, Derek may finally be snapping out of it. Also, an intern is pregnant!This week’s episode was full of drama. We get to meet the son of Two-Face.

TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy - I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Wow... a really dramatic episode this week! The Chief's issues with Bailey finally come to a head. Derek is not dealing well with the loss of another patient and may be leaving the scalpel game. Izzy finally gets a diagnosis for "Patient X" and it's not good. Alex makes a controversial diagnosis that could kill his patient if he's wrong. Oh yeah, and Mer/Der may be off again, but I doubt it.

TV Recap: Heroes - Shades of Gray

This week's episode was...okay. The central plot moved forward quite a bit, but I'm left feeling like they've squandered Sylar, their most interesting characters, in a pointless storyline hunting for his father that has gone absolutely nowhere. That said, it seems like the stage has been set for things to get kicked up a notch next week with pretty much everyone on the run and Sylar either killing or teaming up with The Hunter.

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