TV Recap: Grey's Anatomy - Stairway To Heaven

Broken. Penis. Let me say that again - broken penis. What else can I really say? Okay, how about...Izzie finally gets a clue about why Denny has come back and they say their (final?) goodbye, the Chief, Bailey, and Meredith all cross a line, and Yang gives things another chance.

I may as well get this out of the way first, or it will haunt me for the rest of the recap. Sloane and Lexie sneak into the On-Call room for a booty call. Really, they should just change the sign on the door to “Booty Call Room” since everyone is always hooking up in there. I’d really hate to see the CSI crew go in with a black light, know what I mean?

The nameless intern crew is standing outside the room listening to the fun and getting pissed off because they can never get in there to catch some sleep since the sheets are always crusty when Sloane lets out a not-happy shout and the interns scatter. Inside the room, Lexie gets up off the floor and notes that “it’s all bent”. Sloane sends her to find Callie, who tries to blow Lexie off until she gets across that she broke Sloane.

Which is pretty much the extent of the broken penis saga. Callie calls in McBadass for a consult. Somehow, he’s amassed experience working on similar injuries in the military, which carries implications that I’d rather not get into. The interns speculate loudly on the identity of the woman who broke the legend Mark Sloane and almost figure out that it was Lexie before Sadie jumps in and says that she did it to cover for Lexie. Sloane is too embarassed to even look at Lexie until she insists on laying next to him and stroking his hair because that’s what she likes when she’s hurt.

We come back to McSlashy the same way we left him - smashing his head into the bedrails. Eventually, his brain takes enough damage and he goes into a seizure.

Oustide the room, Meredith is calmly charting. Sadie runs up and asks if they should do anything. Meredith tells her that a nurse will come get them if it’s serious. On cue, a nurse rushes out to tell the doctors that Mr Creepy is seizing. Sadie gives Meredith the “mmmHMMM” look, but Meredith just tells her to go find something else to do.

They eventually bring McSlashy out of the seizure, but he’s still looking crappy. The plan is obviously to let him die in the hospital so that 1) He doesn’t have to go through with an execution and 2) Jefferson can have his organs. Meredith brings Bailey into the plan, but Bailey scoffs at the ethical implications and tells Meredith that she needs to page Shepherd.

Meredith, of course, knows what will happen if she pages Derek, so she decides to just keep McSlashy tucked away until…. I don’t know. Until the dude dies? I don’t think she thought it out all the way, to be honest. Regardless, she lies to Derek when he comes by to ask her how McSlashy’s doing and says he’s fine.

Which is kinda shitty considering he was running around showing off his mom’s ring that he was planning on giving Meredith. He even asks Yang whether she thinks he should give it to Meredith as/is or upgrade the setting a bit. Yang’s still pissed at Meredith, though, and tells Derek that he should probably ask someone else, even after he encourages her to bury the hatchet because he can see that they both need their friend to “freak out” to.

Speaking of freaking out, McBadass tracks down Yang to apologize for the night before and ask for one more chance. She’s leery and points out that he has alot of problems, but agrees to give a date with him another chance.

Meredith’s plan eventually falls apart when Yang comes by to check on the patient. Meredith tries to tell her that she has it covered, but Yang’s not feeling terribly trusting towards Meredith at the moment and checks it out herself. In true creepy fuck fashion, he whines to Yang that he doesn’t want to die. Yang, of course, instantly pages Derek.

Shepherd is predictably angry with Meredith and makes her scrub in to watch him try to fix her mess. Because he’s Shepherd, he pulls it off. Later, back in the recovery room, McSlashy tries to tell Meredith that he played her and was trying to ruin her career as one last kick before he died. I guess he’s trying to get Meredith angry enough to kill him or something, but she doesn’t fall for it. As one last request, he asks her to be the one friendly face in a sea of strangers at his execution.

For some crazy reason, she agrees. The execution has a rough effect on her and she runs out of the prison right into the arms of Derek, who came along to support her, no matter how much he disagrees with her. Good man, that. He next shows up at Cristina’s door saying that Meredith can’t stop crying. Yang initially thinks that it’s because Derek proposed, but he tells her that Meredith went to the execution.

Yang goes down and gets into the car to talk to Meredith. As they begin to talk, we hear exactly what Derek hears from the bench outside Cristina’s apartment - absolutely nothing. But we can see their mouths move as they (hopefully) begin to patch their friendship back together.

Denny basically follows Izzie around making a cryptic, stalkery nuisance of himself. He keeps yelling at Izzie, telling her that she needs to listen and that he’s there for her. He’s begun to stress the “you” in “I’m here for you” instead of the “here”, which is supposed to reveal all, but it’s still a bit overly cryptic. Izzie agrees with me and keeps asking for an explanation, but all Denny will say is that she’s a doctor and should be able to figure it out. Damn ghosts, why can’t they just say what they mean?

Izzy finally figures out that she’s sick and dying. She’s justifiably pissed that Denny chose to spend the past season schtupping her instead of warning her and tells him to just go away. He kisses her and finally disappears.

I’m going to choose that Shonda Rhimes hasn’t lost her damn mind and turned Grey’s Anatomy into Ghost or whatever, so I hereby state my permission that Denny was a hallucinated manifestation of Izzie’s subconscious trying to tell her what she knew deep down.

Bailey’s little patient (Jefferson? I’m calling him Jefferson from now on) is fading fast after his body rejected that last set of organs. He’s now at the top of the waiting list, but there are doubts that he’ll last long enough for new organs to become available. Everyone is running around like crazy trying to find a donor and/or a way to prolong Jefferson’s life expectancy long enough to find those new donor organs.

Bailey’s resolve weakens and she barges into the operating room where Shepherd is operating on McSlashy to ask Derek to let the serial killer die so that Jefferson can have his organs, but Derek eventually talks her out of the idea when he points out that they’d essentially be executing McSlashy.

The Chief finds a man about to be disconnected from life support and tries to convince his wife to donate his organs to Jefferson. The wife initially tells the Chief to get out of the man’s room, that she can’t take anymore after having to make the decision to let the love of her life die. The Chief leaves, but keeps coming back, pushing her to donate the organs. He later tells Bailey that he crossed a line, but he went way further than crossing a line. He played jumprope with the line and then had a limbo contest.

Eventually, the woman relents and the Chief rushes into Jefferson’s room to tell the others just as they have given up and have brought his mom in to say goodbye. They perform the transplant and Jefferson doesn’t reject the organs, but Bailey still worries that they waited too long and Jefferson may never wake up or have brain damage.

Of course, the kid eventually does wake up and everyone’s all happy.

Next, we begin the Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover. The previews are a bit confusing, but I think it involves Addison's brother having some kind of medical emergency. Come back next week and we'll figure it out together!

Also, it looks like we may see a proposal from Derek.