Prozac Nation

What the hell happened to Christina Ricci? Were her pubescent Casper/Addams Family days really so long ago? She disappeared with a mock-sexy grin and a death wail in wet lingerie. Sure, she had a torrid, vampy role in The Opposite of Sex, but that feels worlds away from the Ricci with acting chops featured here.


At this point we all know the rules in a zombie film, right? This time the culprit turns out to be meteorites, which for some reason descend onto the sleepy Australian fishing community of Berkeley. Anyone the meteorites touch is instantly altered to a state of undead-ness and, of course, begins noshing for bloody human organ-snacks.

Bride & Prejudice

There is something very comforting about a group of people, be it a family or town, getting together and feeling joyous enough to sing and dance like brain-damaged fools. It doesn’t matter that it looks silly – they (and we) are stylistically experiencing the happiness of togetherness. That is a powerful emotion, one that is largely absent from American films, be they musical or not.

The Jacket

About ten minutes into the film I got the sneaking suspicion that it might turn out to be a wannabe Jacob’s Ladder. In reality, it’s a warmed-over La Jetee with sex and a bathing Keira Knightley. This makes for moments of excitement of course, but not I’m afraid, a compelling movie experience.

My Summer of Love

I don’t know about other guys my age, but when any film’s summary includes the words “teenage” and “lesbians”, my interest tends to be piqued in a very specific way. For those seeking just another cinematic girls only “bump ‘n’ grind” along the lines of Wild Things, perhaps a trashier film should be sought. My Summer of Love is not trashy, in any respect. Actually it’s a very real, un-romanticized coming-of-age film, which is very erotic despite its lack of gratuitous skin.

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