Operation Kino #65: Snow White And The Huntsman Is A Bad Fairy Tale Movie, So What's A Good One?

This week on Operation Kino, we've wandered into the dark forest with the help of a conveniently available white horse, as we review the new fairy tale adaptation Snow White and the Huntsman. From there we get into a surprisingly contentious conversation about modern-day takes on fairy tales

Operation Kino #58: Cabin In The Woods Reviewed And Discussed With Director Drew Goddard

This week on Operation Kino we're ignoring all the warning signs and spending the weekend in a rundown shack, as we review Cabin in the Woods. As you might have heard it's hard to talk about this movie without spoilers, so after a brief introduction we delve into big spoilers for the movie

Operation Kino #57: American Reunion Brings The Nostalgia, Plus The First-Ever Op Kino Indie Interview

This week on Operation Kino we're totally stuck in adolescence, flashing back to the 90s to review American Reunion. From there we have a Segment 3 that's a preview of our occasional spinoff Op Kino Indie, in which Da7e talks to independent filmmaker Brea Grant about her movie

Operation Kino #56: Mirror Mirror Is More Than Fair, And Cheers And Jeers For 2012 So Far

This week on Operation Kino, we're all the fairest of them all, as we review Tarsem's new fairy tale Mirror Mirror. From there we take a moment to look back at the year so far, picking our Cheers and Jeers from what we've seen of 2012

Operation Kino #55: The Hunger Games Emerges Victorious, And We Take On The Dreaded Shakycam

This week on Operation Kino, the odds are ever in The Hunger Games's favor, as three of our four hosts pretty much liked the adaptation of the hugely successful book, and David… well, you can find out how he feels in our review of the movie

Operation Kino #54: 21 Jump Street Surprises, And How Channing Tatum Breaks His Own Mold

This week on Operation Kino, we're trying to get hip with the kids these days, as three twenty-somethings review 21 Jump Street. From there we move on to a conversation inspired by 21 Jump Street star Channing Tatum, who is breaking out his pre-determined "mold" in this film

Operation Kino #53: The Messy And Maybe Great John Carter, And Mourning Real Action Movies

This week on Operation Kino, we're hopping on an airship with our pet alien Woola and taking a trip to Barsoom, otherwise known as Mars. Yes, it's finally time for us to review John Carter, the new outer-space epic from Disney that has been making more headlines for its giant budget than anything else

Operation Kino Podcast #49: Safe House Reviewed And Hollywood Romance Discussed

This week on Operation Kino, no one is safe. We'd like to think we live on the edge most weeks, but this week is especially unsafe, as we dig into a review of the new Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds thriller Safe House. From there we launch into a discussion of something completely different, namely romance

Operation Kino Podcast #46: Haywire Reviewed And Kill List Discussed

This week on Operation Kino, it's finally time for women to take over the world. No, Katey isn't killing off the rest of her podcast crew, but we are reviewing Haywire, the new Steven Soderbergh thriller starring ass-kicking MMA fighter Gina Carano

Operation Kino Podcast #44: The Patches Matches Trivia Game Edition

This week on Operation Kino, we had no desire to review The Devil Inside, so we've given the bulk of the show over to a segment we're calling Patches Matches. OK, it's really just a trivia game cooked up by Matt Patches, but what good is a trivia game if it doesn't have a clever name?

Operation Kino Podcast #43: Our Top 10 Films Of 2011

This week on Operation Kino, it's time to kick 2011 to the curb with what's now our second-ever Top Ten podcast. All four of us have come prepared with our personal top 10 lists, and with Da7e bravely moderating, we go through all of our picks from 10 down to 1, pausing to praise, argue over and sometimes openly scoff at each others' picks

Operation Kino Podcast #42: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Reviewed And 2012 Trailers Discussed

This week on Operation Kino we're taking aim at men who hate women with our review of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which believe it or not, has the podcast crew sharply divided. From there we move on to segment 3 dedicated to the week of crazy trailer premieres we've had

Operation Kino Podcast #40: Young Adult Reviewed And Director Departures Discussed

This week on Operation Kino, we're pulling out our mix tapes and slinking back to our parents' houses as we review the new Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody collaboration, Young Adult. From there we tackle the other big release of the weekend, The Sitter

Operation Kino Podcast #37: The Descendants Reviewed & Animation Discussed

This week on Operation Kino, we're buttoning up our floral shirts and slapping on some boat shoes as we review Alexander Payne's new movie The Descendants. From there we jump into something completely different in Segment 3, talking about the recent move of several high-profile directors into animation, and what that might mean for the form

Operation Kino Podcast #35: Tower Heist Reviewed And Piracy Discussed

This week on Operation Kino, there's a car made of solid gold at the top of the skyscraper and we're the only people who can get to it, as we review Tower Heist. After that we get into a conversation about piracy, and whether or not movies like Tower Heist actually subversively promote it

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