Operation Kino 139 Review: Nebraska, Black And White Ennui And A Million Dollar Promise

This week we're cashing in that $1 million sweepstakes ticket and heading to the black and white Midwest, as we're joined by Time Out New York's Keith Uhlich to review Alexander Payne's Nebraska. We also pick your answers to our lightning round question about sequels to 1999 movies that we'd like to see

Operation Kino 139: The Future Of Marvel And Of Dumb Hunger Games Merchandising

This week we're processing both the weekend performance of Thor: The Dark World and Marvel Studio's giant deal with Netflix to talk about the future of Marvel comics, and how in the coming years pretty much everything Disney makes will all be linked together.

Operation Kino 138 Review: Following Thor Into The Dark World

This week we're finally learning to pronounce Mjolnir and failing to remember the name of the MacGuffin this time, as we review the latest Marvel Studios effort Thor: The Dark World. For help, Patches and Katey bring in Badass Digest's Devin Faraci, who is both knowledgeable about superhero things and pretty enthusiastic about this latest adventure (it's also his birthday today-- Happy Birthday Devin!)

Operation Kino 138: John Ratzenberger On Cheers, Pixar, American Made And My Cousin Vinny

This week we're incredibly thrilled to have as our guest John Ratzenberger, the iconic star of Cheers and every single Pixar movie, who's joining us to talk about his new TV series "American Made," which is currently launching a Fund Anything campaign. We also asked John to pick a favorite movie to discuss, and he suggested My Cousin Vinny, which gives us the chance to talk about what makes a good Hollywood comedy

Operation Kino 137 Review: Celebrating The McConaughssiance In Dallas Buyers Club

This week we're packing our trunks full of illegal prescription drugs and crossing the U.S.-Mexico border as we join the Dallas Buyers Club, which was both a real group that got HIV-treatment drugs from Mexico and also a new movie starring Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner. To join us we've brought in Nathaniel Rogers of The Film Experience, and because he's with us and David isn't, we even get to indulge in a little Oscar season talk. Nobody tell David!

Operation Kino 136: The Counselor Does Unspeakable Things On Top Of Our Windshield

This week we've brought in big gun support from Jordan Hoffman, and he's doing some unspeakable things on top of the windshield of our car, as we review Ridley Scott's The Counselor. That plus your picks for your favorite movie sex scenes!

Operation Kino 136: Ridley Scott's Auteurist Cred, Plus Our Favorite Sex Scenes

This week Katey has temporarily defected to England, so the boys are left to discuss Ridley Scott, and his credentials as an auteur director, in honor of this week's The Counselor and inspired by Facebook user Jake Bart. We also talk about the process of reporting rumors and casting news online, the benefits of revisiting works of art, and spooooooooky recommendations for the Halloween holiday season.

Operation Kino 135 Review: 12 Years A Slave Cuts To The Bone Of American History

This week we're just going to avoid the jokes and cut straight to the chase, since we're reviewing 12 Years A Slave and somehow that just doesn't put us in the laughing mood. For once, though, it's not David who's the dissenter on one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year so far. Find out who's the naysayer, and stick around for some brief discussion of Kill Your Darlings, as well as for your answers to our lightning round question about favorite remakes

Operation Kino 135: Hollywood Classics Revealed With Legendary Studio Exec David Picker

This week we've got a special interview with David Picker, a former studio head who helped wrangle Woody Allen, James Bond, and The Beatles for United Artists, greenlight Grease for Paramount, and turned Steve Martin into a movie star in the late '70s.

Operation Kino 134 Review: The Unbearable Tension Of Captain Phillips

This week we're launching onto the high seas and being very, very clear about the location of our seat inside the lifeboat, as we review the tense new Paul Greengrass thriller Captain Phillips. You might have seen Matt Patches' tweet used to promote the movie, but find out how the rest of us felt! All that plus your answers to our lightning round question about movies based on true stories

Operation Kino 134: Escaping From Tomorrow With Special Guest Roy Abramsohn

This week we're joined by a very special guest, with Roy Abramsohn talking to us not only about his starring role in the upcoming Escape From Tomorrow, but about the state of the Disney brand, the way being a musician can affect film criticism and acting and lots of other things, favorite and least favorite Disney World memories, and our favorite films based on true stories with very well-known endings

Operation Kino 133 Review: The Terror And Beauty Of Space In Gravity

This week we're holding our breath and using the last of the fuel in our jetpacks as we brave terrifying space and review Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. All four of us saw it, but not all four of us are onboard with the rapturous critical reception-- and one of us thinks the movie is actually about creationism. There's a spoiler section in the review, but there's also a heads up before we get there. We end, as always, with your answers to our lightning round question about best opening scenes

Operation Kino 133: Breaking Bad In Review, And How It May Change Television

This week we're devoting the entire show to talking about Breaking Bad, both the series finale and the show as a whole as well as the legacy it will leave and how television might change in its week. We pick our favorite episodes from the series, Dave floats a theory about the possible Garden of Eden metaphor in the show, David debates whether Netflix is actually television, and much more!

Operation Kino 132: Rush! Vroom Vroom!

This week we're strapped in, revving our engines and trying desperately not to get flattened by the competition as we go all Formula One and review Ron Howard's Rush. Spoiler alert: there is far less arguing on this one than usual! We also pick your answers to our lightning round question about food porn in movies

Operation Kino 132: The True 'Author' Of Rush, The Best Food Porn, And More

This week we're trying to figure out if Rush is a film by Ron Howard or maybe by Anthony Dod Mantle, talking about auteurs who might not be the directors of their given films. We also dig into the new documentary After Tiller and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut Don Jon, figure out how to cure the constant awards season ill of In Memoriam segments, and pick our favorite scenes of food porn in the movies

Operation Kino 131: The Torture, Parental Duties And Heavy-Headed Religious Symbols Of Prisoners

This week we're not taking "I'm innocent" for an answer, as we take the movie Prisoners, lock it in our torture shower, and demand that it give us answers about how dreamy Roger Deakins is in person. Dave, Katey and Patches all saw the movie and are joined by Cinema Blend's own Sean O'Connell, who pulls out the "I'm actually a parent" card exactly as early in this review as you'd guess. We also pick your answers to your lightning round question about director/actor pairs

Operation Kino 131: The Crazy State Of TV Criticism, Where Theories Grow Like Meth Empires

This week we're finally cracking down on the symbolism of Skyler White's hairdos, as we dig into modern TV criticism and the theorizing that can surround it. David fills us in on the rest of his Toronto Film Festival experience, Patches marvels at the miracle that is live looping in music, we borrow from our pal Joe Reid to play the IMDB game,

Operation Kino 130 Review: Tearing Down White People Problems And Loving Enough Said

This week we're tearing down the idea of "white people problems"-- or at the very least embracing them-- as we're joined by Film School Rejects' Kate Erbland to review Enough Said, the new film from director Nicole Holofcener. It's the first lead film role Julia Louis-Dreyfus has played since the 90s, and sadly one of the last from James Gandolfini, who died in June. Does it live up to other Holofcener films like Walking & Talking and Please Give?

Operation Kino 130: A Dispatch From The Toronto Film Festival, Poutine Not Included

This week we've reached across international borders to check in with our own David, who is in the thick of the Toronto Film Festival but has somehow avoided eating poutine (so far). We also talk about the future of the Terminator franchise, the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks, movie titles that have nothing to do with the movie itself (thanks to listener Mark from Pittsburgh for the voicemail!), and pick our favorite movies about organized crime

Operation Kino 129 Review: Which Version Of The Grandmaster Is Actually Good?

This week we've got a crazy theory about Wong Kar-Wai's The Grandmaster that we'd like to float by you, after David watched the original cut, hated it, then watched the American cut (now opening in theaters) and really hated it, then decided the original cut was a masterpiece. How did this happen? Is the new movie from the director of In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express worth your time?

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