If I’m not outta line on this, I’m pretty sure it’s universally accepted that Anthony Hopkins is creepy as shit. If you’re willing to go out on May 17th and buy a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of The Rite, I’m certain the film will supplement my argument. Hopkins plays Father Lucas, an experienced exorcist that deals with the devil and some doubts throughout The Rite. As a scary movie, the film is passable, but as a priest, Hopkins' Lucas will make a mark on your memory.

If you are planning on buying a copy, The Rite is one of those movies where you should spring for the Blu-Ray copy if you can. Special features for both discs will include additional scenes, but the Blu-Ray copy will also come with an alternate ending and a featurette. The featurette is called “The Rite: Soldier of God” and is about a Father Thomas, whose exorcism experience inspired the events in the film.

Despite a pretty good review from Cinema Blend’s Mack Rawden, The Rite didn’t quite make back its budget at the box office. You can be a good person. You can help Warner Brothers make money, although it might be more fulfilling to just go see Sucker Punch on the 25th.

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