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Child's Play Game Confirmed For Xbox Live Arcade, PSN

Recently TikGames announced that they would be working on a new game based on the popular horror movie franchise, Child’s Play, starring everyone’s favorite pint-sized slasher, Chucky. Well, TikGames has now confirmed which platforms or sub-platforms the game will be appearing on.

According to XBLA Fans, TikGames has revealed that the game won’t be a disc based, $60 outing and in some regards I’d imagine that means the game will be far less disappointing given that the developers can focus more-so on the quality of the gameplay rather than landing top-notch Hollywood voice-actors or bringing in renowned composers to score the track for the game.

Child’s Play will basically be a stealth-horror game, with players taking on the role of Chucky and presumably taking out a number of potential victims. This concept could only work if there was actually a measure of difficulty involved, such as some of the characters being police officers, bikers, brutes or tough guys to give players a bit of a challenge when trying to take them down. Otherwise, if it’s just pot-smoking teenagers I can imagine that the game could get boring pretty quick…I mean, how hard is it to kill a horny, pot-smoking teenager? Not very hard judging by the standards of Jason Vorhees, Michael Meyers and Freddy Krueger.

Anyway, you can learn more about TikGames and their upcoming horror-stealth take on Chucky by visiting their Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.