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Red Fly Studio was once working on a Darth Maul video game. The project was cancelled years ago but the developer is hoping that Disney will allow them to revive it.

In a Reddit AmA, Dan Borth of Red Fly Studio said that the video game would explore Darth Maul's mysterious history. The game would follow Darth Maul from age 9 or 11 until the events of Star Wars: Episode 1. They wanted to players to understand how he slowly became the ruthless warrior of that movie.

Game Informer did an interesting article on Darth Maul's initial development in a past issue. Apparently this game was supposed to be a stealth/action hybrid, not dissimilar to Arkham Asylum. Maul is obviously a powerful warriors but in many situations he would need to rely on the Force and his ability to kill silently. He was a "glass cannon": able to dish out a lot of damage but also very fragile. One anonymous source told him that he would become more powerful by scaring his enemies:
We said Darth Maul’s connection to the Force was through generating fear. The idea was to f--- with the A.I., and generate fear to build up your ability to use the Force, execute stealth kills, and manipulate the environment. It was exciting, cool stuff.

Darth Maul's concept underwent many changes, though. LucasArts, and specifically George Lucas, pushed for huge changes to the project. For example, Lucas asked Red Fly to incorporate an Twi'lek female ally named Darth Talon. Because Talon lived 170 years after Maul, the main character had to be changed to a descendant of him.

However, in spite of all the work that Red Fly put into their prototypes, Darth Maul never fully got off the ground. LucasArts decided to cancel the game in 2011 instead. One of Game Informer's sources at Red Fly speculated that the upcoming sale of Star Wars to Disney forced LucasArts to kill all their current projects

Red Fly hasn't given up on the game, though. The developer is now working on a "full next gen demo" of Darth Maul in their spare time. They're hoping to win over EA, who currently have the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games:
We have been burning a candle for this game since it was killed in hopes we can get it turned back on again. IF that is to happen we need to approach EA with a demo that will impress them. I think we have that or are close to it. Still it is completely not up to us.

They're hoping that fan support will help their chances as well. If you're interested in seeing this game come to life, they encourage you to tweet #WeWantMaul to EA and Disney. It couldn't hurt.

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