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War Of The Roses Gets Pitched Battle, New Gear In Update

Death is final in the upcoming update for Paradox Interactive’s medieval strategic battle game, War of the Roses, introducing the new game mode, Pitched Battle. There will also be a bunch of new gear for players to outfit their soldiers with, perhaps making that whole “death” thing an easier status to deliver to your opponents as well as avoid yourself.

War Of The Roses Gets New Gear, Modes And Weather In Upcoming DLC

Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have today announced the contents of the first batch of DLC content for the massive melee warfare game, War of Roses, showing off all sorts of new pointy objects with which to dispatch one's foes. Also, winter is coming.

War Of The Roses Launches Into Battle Today

At this point, it's probably safe to assume that we've all had our fill of modern warfare. Medieval warfare, though? Well, that's an entirely different story. War of the Roses, the third-person action strategy, is finally ready to catapult players into the 15th century English civil war, trading kevlar vests and SMGs for sturdy horses and vollies of arrows.

War Of The Roses Tourney Broadcasts July 27th

Hear yee, hear yee! His Majesty, King Paradox Interactive III, has announced a tournament of champions to be held in the War of the Roses arena on Friday, July 27, in the year of our Lord 2012. Furthermore, it has been decreed that the grand battle shall be viewable by all citizens, broadcasting live via TwitchTV from 4-8 p.m. PST (Peasant Standard Time).

E3 2012: War Of The Roses Screenshots, Trailer

New assets have become available for the semi-realistic, hack-and-slash, knight-in-armor team-based action game from Paradox Interactive and FatShark, War of the Roses. The screenshots show off some of the bloody battles while the trailer also depicts some carnage on the field, mostly resulting in bloody battles.

Krater: First Dev Diary Explains Customization, Crafting, Combat

Earlier today we shared the news with readers that developer FatShark plans to have a pre-alpha test for their upcoming post-apocalyptic, top-down RPG, Krater. Before getting to the testing phase, though, they wanted to share some details and info about the game in their first developer diary.

Lead And Gold Free Weekend Announced

Steam is offering players a chance to try out Lead and Gold with no strings attached. The Western multiplayer shooter can be played for free this weekend.

Lead And Gold Arriving On PS3 April 22nd

If you don't have the $60 to spend on Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, then you can look for FatShark's Lead And Gold to land on the PlayStation 3's PSN come April 22nd.

Lead And Gold Website Launched; Red Dead Best Watch Out

FatShark Games announced today that the official website for the Western shooter game, Lead and Gold is now up, open and running like a good ‘ole fashioned saloon.

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