Anthony Hopkins Frees His Wild Thoughts

Anthony Hopkins is an actor, a knight, and a guy with a really cool voice. But did you know he’s also Anthony Hopkins: writer, director, and composer?

Production Weekly reports that the smooth toned Brit has written a screenplay for and plans to direct and star in a movie called Slipstream. What’s really interesting is that he’s also composing the movie’s music. The film is said to be based on his own “wild thoughts about God, life, and death. Doesn’t seem like much of a premise does it? Sounds more like something you’d expect from Bjork than Sir Anthony.

Joining Hopkins on the movie will be Gena Rowlands and defunct 90’s star Christian Slater. Slater will play the film’s lead, in the story of an aging screenwriter named Felix who lives in two separate worlds. The real one, and the one blasting around inside his head. With his brain on the verge of implosion, Felix is hired to rewrite a murder mystery set in a desert diner. As his brain goes into meltdown, characters from the film start showing up in his everyday life, and his everyday life starts showing up in the movie inside his head. Worlds are colliding! Things stay weird as Felix’s head starts inserting odd song and sci-fi references into both worlds. An obvious William Shatner spoken word performance opportunity if I’ve ever seen one.

Slipstream isn’t the first time Hopkins has written, directed, composed, and starred in a feature film. His first quad thread production was called August and released back in 1996 to general disinterest. With Hopkins career still peaking, maybe Slipstream will get a little more attention. Publicity may not mean much to Hopkins, but Christian Slater sure could use it.

Josh Tyler