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The right campaigning can certainly benefit Oscar contenders, so who better to advise Brad Pitt on how to go up against the likes of The Artist than Jon Stewart? Pitt visited Comedy Central’s The Daily Show last night and spoke with Stewart about Moneyball and the Oscar race.

Not only is Moneyball up for Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, but Brad Pitt is also in the running to win the statue for Best Actor. The subject of the Oscars comes up in the video below (via Deadline) from Pitt's interview on The Daily Show this week. But before that, Pitt and Stewart have an interesting conversation about baseball, Moneyball, and Stewart’s disinterest in discussing Tree of Life in which he admits to not knowing what the movie was about, despite having seen it numerous times.

It’s at about the six minute mark when the conversation comes back around to the Oscars, and Stewart suggests they go negative with the campaign. (The video is unedited and contains some adult language).

“But why not like... The Artist, go f--- yourself!” Stewart humorously suggests, as an alternative to the typically polite “For your consideration...” approach to campaigning for Academy Awards.

Personally, I like Pitt’s suggestion of all the nominees putting their hands on the Oscar and the person who can hold out the longest wins it like one of those car contests. Who do you suppose would win if it came down to him and Clooney with their hands on the trophy?

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