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Today, Dark Tower fans, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that a The Dark Tower project involving three movies and two limited-run television shows is still in the works after last week's drama. The bad news is that it's going to take even longer to get here and may not have the chance to be as epic as one would hope.

Deadline is reporting from unnamed sources that Universal Studios will not be putting The Dark Tower in to turnaround, but, instead, have decided to delay it while they work on budget concerns. Originally scheduled to start production this year, the source is saying that the project's production start date has been bumped back to February 2012. In that time meetings will be held to find areas where the production budget can be trimmed and make the series more economically feasible. Even with the delay, however, the studio remains under a ticking clock as Universal has until July to greenlight the project before the rights go back to author Stephen King. The release date of the first film was orignally May 17, 2013, but one can expect that it will be pushed back.

While things may seem bleak, this is actually pretty good news. Yes, it will still be a few more years before we actually get to see a Dark Tower movie, but there is still tons of potential in the project and Universal most definitely doesn't want to see the rights revert. What this means is that the next two months is going to be filled with executives and filmmakers doing everything in their power to get the franchise going, and isn't that exactly what the fans want?