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David Morse Is A Last-Minute Addition To The World War Z Cast

"Needs more Morse." That's what a friend of mine said after a screening of Drive Angry 3D, which used the veteran character David Morse quite poorly. And that's what you say pretty much after any appearance by David Morse, no matter how large or small his role is. He could star in a remake of 127 Hours, be onscreen every second, and I'd still probably think he deserved more screentime. He's just that kind of actor.

Which is why it's nothing but good news to learn that Morse is a late addition to the cast of World War Z, the sprawling zombie apocalypse drama currently filming with Brad PItt in the starring role. Deadline writes that Morse will play a prisoner living in an abandoned jail, presumably a jail abandoned when the zombie outbreak worsened and there was no one around to keep things running. Based on my fairly vague memory of World War Z I don't remember any character like this in Max Brooks's original book, but it sounds mighty similar to a sequence in Stephen King's The Stand, a book I read at least 10 years ago but that has stuck with me indelibly.

As it turns out, the entirety of The Stand is available as a Google e-book, so you can go here to see what I'm talking about. Presumably Morse's character won't just be a guy trapped in a jail cell and contemplating eating a rat, but hey, the zombie apocalypse forces us all into strange situations. Even if it turns out to be a gigantic role, I'm sure it'll leave us all asking for one thing: More Morse.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend