Director Matt Reeves is set to have primates on the brain for at least the next couple of years. His most recent film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, has proven to not only be a box office hit (already having made $103 million worldwide), but also a critical darling. This kind of success almost always guarantees an invite to come back for the sequel, but Fox actually locked up the filmmaker all the way back in January. The untitled Planet of the Apes 3 is already set for a July 29, 2016 release date, meaning that it's almost guaranteed to be Reeves' next directorial effort - but that doesn't mean he isn't still thinking about other projects as well.

Speaking to Coming Soon, Reevesrevealed that there is one film in particular on his upcoming slate that he wants to revisit once he is finished with the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes sequel: The Invisible Woman. The film, which is an original science-fiction story, has been in the works since 2008, and was originally envisioned to be the director's follow-up to Cloverfield. The story follows a former beauty queen who, in order to protect her family, makes the decision to turn to a life of crime. Reeves has described the movie as being a Hitchcockian suspense story that has tonal similarities to Let Me In, Reeves' second feature and remake of the Swedish horror movie Let The Right One In. There was a time when Naomi Watts was attached to play the lead, but she wound up dropping out due to scheduling conflicts.

Said Reeves about The Invisible Woman in the recent interview,
"That's still a movie I desperately want to make," Reeves tells "...[I]f I don't make it right before this one, I'll make it right after the next ape film... I doubt if I would make it right before [the next 'Apes'], because this one is going to be such an enormous undertaking to get going. I'm supposed to write it as well with Mark Bomback."

Given how long Reeves has held on to the project (which is based on a script he wrote), it's fair to The Invisible Woman Reeves' passion project. The good news is that that he has so much clout now from his Planet of the Apes movie that it's possible now could be the absolute best time to finally get it made. He basically just needs to make sure that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' sequel lives up to its predecessor(s)... which, admittedly, isn't exactly an easy task. That said, all of Reeves' film thus far have been spectacular, and it's hard not to have faith in a guy with such a strong track record.

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