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While Fox has sort of fumbled about and botched the release of the first trailer and early promotion for Avatar, Universal is quietly doing everything exactly right in promoting their new take on The Wolfman. They started by, earlier in the week, sending out great new images for the film to all of the web’s most heavily trafficked movie sites (ignoring the exclusives to our buddies system used by Fox), including this one. They followed that by smoothly and smartly releasing their trailer on Yahoo in multiple formats and then to other websites with video capability, again without the slightest hiccup. And now they’ve given us even more, completely amazing images from the movie to share with all of you.

Our image gallery for The Wolfman has just been loaded up with dozens of new, utterly eye-popping images for the film. I’ve included three sample images below, to see them all click any image and head over to our complete gallery.

And just in case you missed it earlier in the day, here's the brand new Wolfman trailer:

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