The below clip is a red band clip, and as such, is probably NSFW. Unless you have a zombie-loving boss, of course.

Paramount Home Media Distribution released World War Z on to 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and VOD last week, following an epic digital release earlier this month, on September 10. The home entertainment release of the fast-paced summer flick features some fun bonus features, but the star of the set is the movie itself, which amps up suspense through scenes like the one we are debuting today, that shows what happens when a zombie is introduced into a small space.

World War Z follows Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), a former U.N. employee who is tasked with looking for the source of the zombie plague to determine whether or not it is a virus and whether or not a vaccine can be developed. Along the way, he heads to various locations across the world, meeting people and countries who all have different ways of coping with the plague, as well as different ideas concerning how it started. The film is notable for its fast-movie zombie hordes, which look more like track stars than the slow-moving zombies found in other notable movies and TV shows, including The Walking Dead.

In the clip, Pitt’s Lane and a young woman named Segen (Daniella Kertesz) manage to make it on to a plane headed to Cardiff, Wales. However, a stowaway zombie has made it on board, and when a stewardess opens the wrong door on the plane, the zombie escapes into the main cabin. Since the World War Z zombies are noted for their speed, agility, and their quick changeover rate, it only takes a few seconds for the entire back of the plane to be overrun by a zombie horde. Can Lane and Segen save the rest of the plane, or are they destined to die in the enclosed space?

If you’ve already caught the movie, you have the answer. Still, the clip is one of the more suspenseful moments in the film, leading into a plane crash that was oft-teased in the promos.

If you haven’t caught the film yet, now is a good time to give it a chance, especially since Pitt recently spoke out to say his production company has already put together a ton of ideas for a possible sequel. You can rent or buy the flick over at Amazon.

World War Z box

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