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Extended RoboCop TV Spot Asks 'Who Is In Control?'

As February inches closer, we continue to get new looks at Robocop, including the above international TV spot, which emphasizes control. Is Alex Murphy's free will just an illusion? It sounds like OmniCorp has it set up that way, but then we hear the words, "He's undoing what we did to him," which suggests that control is shifting.

Directed by Jose Padilha, RoboCop is a remake of Paul Verhoeven's 1987 film and is set in 2028. As the trailer indicates, OmniCorp is trying to bring their robot technology stateside, but America is "so Robo-phobic." And then Joel Kinnaman's Alex Murphy nearly dies, making him a prime candidate to be merged with a machine. And it does appear to be a merging, as opposed to wearing a robot "suit." The distinction is clarified nicely in this TV spot, as Alex asks about his suit and is told by Gary Oldman's Dr. Norton, "It's not a suit. It's you." It's him, sure, but who's in charge, the machine or Alex? That seems to be one of the primary focuses, as we learn that Alex is made to believe he's in charge, but later begins to assume actual control, which might not be in OmniCorp's best interest.

And then there's the ominous answer to the question, "What's bigger than a hero?" A dead hero.

The spot also teased some big action moments...

neck break

And what looks like it could be a humorous scene…


The new TV spot follows the recently released clip, which shows Alex being put through a field test, presumably to help him learn his way around his new body.

And here's a recent spot that ran on the RoboCop Facebook page, which also emphasizes control, and includes some narration from Alex Murphy:

Post by Robocop.

RoboCop arrives in theaters February 12. Watch some other TV spots for the film here.

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