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We’ve seen Brad Pitt kill Nazis before thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s badass, unusually spelled Inglourious Basterds. Now, we’re gonna get that chance again thanks to David Ayer’s Fury, though if the above trailer is any indication, this new film will be a whole lot different than QT’s stylistic, over the top masterpiece that could have won Best Picture.

This film follows Brad Pitt’s character, Wardaddy, as he leads a hardened tank crew, plus one newbie, on a secret mission to go behind enemy lines. The action looks to be chaotic and tense, but don’t expect a long series of adrenaline-fueled battles. They’ll definitely come, but as per this brand new footage, there will be a whole lot of drama, philosophizing and overwhelmed, resolute Brad Pitt faces too…

Even when he’s beaten down and frustrated, that man is more handsome than anyone you know. Plus, he's got every right to be making that face. Telling naive, optimistic kids to run people over on a battlefield is miserable, emotionally crippling work. It takes a sociopath to handle that with complete calm.

As Oscar bait goes, this trailer doesn’t seem like a slam dunk. The pacing is a little off, and there aren’t a ton of obvious emotional peaks. You never should count out Brad Pitt, though. He’s got a way of elevating the material he’s working with, and despite his weirdness, Shia LaBeouf is an actor capable of great moments too. Throw in Michael Pena, the dude who played Shane on The Walking Dead and Logan Lerman, who is better than people give him credit for, and this movie could make some real noise.

Fury takes place in 1945, just as War II is winding down They’re trying to sneak behind enemy lines. Perhaps more importantly, they’re also trying to keep on keeping on in the face of exhaustion and stress. Fortunately for audiences, they’re still capable of kicking ass and bonding, however, and the final cut should be a pretty solid balance between action and drama. Fury stars Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jason Isaacs, Jon Bernthal and Scott Eastwood. It’ll hit theaters in November. You’re going to want to see it.

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