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Before you read any further, know this: Everything that follows is gossip of the highest order, unsubstantiated rumor which should not be shared among your friends as fact. It’s merely wild, unconfirmed rumbling. You’ve been warned.

That said, get ready to have your mind blown because Market Saw claims George Lucas is planning a brand new Star Wars trilogy. We’re not talking another TV show here or another horrible cartoon. A series of three, honest to god, lightsaber swinging, all new Star Wars films. But wait, it gets better. George Lucas won’t direct them.

Ask anyone what went wrong with the Star Wars prequels and they’ll tell you with absolute certainty: George Lucas. Two of the first three Star Wars movies, though George Lucas likes to take all of the credit, were actually more of a collaboration between Lucas and other filmmakers. They were directed by other people and involved other people’s ideas mixed with his. As a result, they were awesome. The prequels were pure George Lucas and, well, we know what that got us.

If Lucas steps back to produce and lets someone else take over his franchise, then there’s a chance that we might actually get the Star Wars sequels we’ve always deserved. Market Saw even goes so far as to claim Francis Ford Coppola, of all people, could be one of the directors. Personally I hope he avoids Spielberg, Coppola, or any of his old school director friends and brings in someone with even more different, fresh ideas. Otherwise, why bother? We don’t need the Star Wars equivalent of Kingdom and the Crystal Skull. Keep Spielberg away from the land of a galaxy far, far away.

So what would prompt Lucas to resurrect Star Wars? The same thing that always gets him interested in making a movie. No, it’s not story. It’s technology. Market Saw claims that these three movies, if they happen, would be done entirely in 3D. In short, Lucas has seen James Cameron getting advance credit for revolutionizing the world of stuff leaping out of the screen, and wants in on that sweet, sweet, polarized glasses action.