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Even if you didn't like the original Ghost Rider, there's one key change going into the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, that should have you on board. That change is directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, the Crank masterminds who are known to do things like strap on rollerblades to capture shots, and generally crank up the energy and insanity of a given movie to levels you never would have believed. The footage shown off from the film at Comic Con had a lot of people convinced that there was something worth seeing here, and now you can get a look at some of that in the movie's first trailer, which just landed at Apple. You can watch it there in HD or embedded right here. We'll talk after.

Obviously, this looks like no comic book movie we've seen before, and Neveldine and Taylor's trademark gonzo camerawork is in full display, with that fiery chain whipping around, Ghost Rider's motorcycle running directly into the screen, and other camera tricks that I can't even name but can tell what a difference they make. I mean, when was the last time you saw a movie's hero vomit fire onto his enemies, or for that matter, piss fire? Never, that's when. How much more of a selling point do you need?

In case you missed it, the movie's teaser poster also hit the web yesterday. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance opens February 17 next year, and while it may not be the classiest release of the coming season, it might just be the weirdest and most original.