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Grand Piano's Excellent Alternate Poster Features Elijah Wood Running From His Passion

grand piano poster

When it was first announced, Eugenio Mira’s mystery thriller Grand Piano sounded like a goofy idea for a sketch. Then it became a festival surprise, and is currently making musical magic via VOD on its way to a limited theatrical release, proving that an idea is only as silly as its execution. We now have the latest poster for the film, and it is by far the most visually appealing we've seen yet. Sure, it might make some people think the film is about Elijah Wood running away from a giant piano, but that’s fine as long as it gets them watching.

Magnet Releasing tuned the poster up through their Twitter page, where they call it an "alternative poster" for the film, which probably means you won’t be seeing it anywhere but here - and that’s a shame. The top-down outline of a piano is a great image to use, with the title slotted where the keys would go. It might have been a little better if the red-penned death threat were written into the notes instead of Wood’s in-motion running, but it’s still a solid one sheet I’d like to have on my wall.

In the film, Wood plays Tom Selznick, a formerly revered concert pianist who was forced to take a long hiatus from performing. Fighting stage fright, he is set to make his highly anticipated comeback, but there’s someone in the crowd (John Cusack) who wants to make it that much harder for him. If Tom plays one wrong note, the mysterious gunman will put a bullet in Tom’s wife, and then Tom himself. This is where professionalism and muscle memory come into place, but the shooter has a few other demands that Tom also has to follow.

It’s a solid flick that understands its limits and uses them to its advantage, and continues Wood’s transition from hobbit to horror/thriller go-to guy. I can’t wait to see both Nacho Vigalondo’s Open Windows and Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion’s Cooties, films that have their own interesting posters.

You'll be able to find Grand Piano in a handful of theaters on March 7th, but you can watch one of the film’s clips below, followed by the trailer. Just make sure your fingers are nice and limber before clicking on it, lest you find a secret message challenging your mouse and keyboard skills.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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