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James Franco To Direct And Star In Film About 60s Hair Stylist And Manson Family Victim Jay Sebring

James Franco has one seriously strange career, and to understand why all you have to do is look at the movies that he has coming out this year. There's the hard-R rated comedy This Is The End, the Disney movie Oz The Great And Powerful, the porn biopic Lovelace, the girls-with-guns thriller Spring Breakers...and that's only part of the list. As the years pass Franco gets busier and busier with weirder and weirder projects, and that continues today with the news that he is making a movie about one of the most famous hair stylists in Hollywood during the 1960s and his tragic death.

Deadline is reporting that Franco is now set to both direct and star in Beautiful People, a new project about Jay Sebring. The film will chronicle the stylist's rise as a "self-created men’s grooming pioneer" and follow through to his early death at the hands of Charles Manson and the Manson family. The site notes that Sebring had a romantic relationship with Sharon Tate, who also notably died during the Manson spree.

The news comes out of Sundance where the actor/director has three movies debuting, Interior. Leather Bar, the documentary Kink, and the aforementioned Lovelace (are you seeing a theme?). Both Oz The Great And Powerful and Spring Breakers will be getting March releases while he also has The Iceman, the Slyvester Stallone-scripted Homefront and a number of other titles set to come out in the coming months. I'd honestly be amazed if even he could keep track of all the movies he has coming out in 2013.

Eric Eisenberg
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