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Remember a few weeks ago when we told you that The Killing and Snabba Cash star was being considered for the title role in MGM's Robocop movie? OK, now repeat that news to yourself, and make it sound a lot more confident. Deadline reports that MGM has closed the deal with the Swedish star, and he'll be headlining the remake directed by Jose Padilha, the Brazilian director of the two Elite Squad movies.

If you're rusty on your Robocop, Kinnaman will be reviving the role played by Peter Weller in the original film, a Detroit cop who is killed on duty but revived as a human-cyborg hybrid who goes by Robocop. It's unclear how much the new film will differ from the original, since a million different versions of the film have existed throughout the long development, but I'm sure the people of Detroit would be up in arms if the location gets changed-- they have a Robocop statue, for God's sake! With the auto industry in shambles, a new movie production sounds like exactly what they need.

As for Kinnaman, he's now very much poised to become a major breakout star, and his excellent but small role in the recent Safe House proved he's got the charisma to make himself distinctive-- something he'll need when encased in a cyborg suit. It's unclear when production will actually start, but with a leading man finally in place, the new Robocop can go from ongoing rumor to an actual film at last.

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