A filmmaking legend, Woody Allen, randomly teams up with a highly respected actor/director, John Turturro, to make a movie about an older man turning from unengaging florist into a studly prostitute, all while an even older man makes a buck while pimping him out. It may sound like the premise to a weekend show at the UCB Theater, but it’s actually Turturro’s fifth feature, the lighthearted upcoming romp Fading Gigolo.

We now have our second look at the film with this second trailer, via Yahoo! Movies, and while it looks almost exactly the same as the first trailer, it strengthened a feeling I have about it. This is either going to be a lovely movie that only bears at least one viewing, or it’s going to be a film that makes me want to tear my hair out in its depiction of loose New York women who don’t have anything better to do than pay for sex with a guy that doesn’t even seem all that interested in being very fetching.

The film starts off with Allen’s character, Murray, talking about how his hottie dermatologist, played by Sharon Stone, wanted to have a threesome with her friend (Sophia Vergara) and was looking for someone to do it with. I’m pretty sure that breaks the doctor/patient privilege, but Murray goes on to tell Fioravante (Turturro) about it, and an enterprise is born. For some reason, women want to pay $1,000 or more to spend time with Fioravante, and it’s going to make Murray some side cash.

If this were just a sexually driven drama, that would be one thing, but there’s also a woman named Avigal (Vanessa Paradis), whom Fioravante has fallen for, but is currently in a relationship with an Orthodox Jew played by Live Schreiber (in one of cinema’s worst hairdos). Of all movies, the one about the older gigolo sleeping with hot women really doesn’t need to incorporate a love interest angle. But, maybe it’ll all work out in the end for everyone - except Schreiber’s barber.

The one part I really liked in this trailer that I don’t think was in the first one is when Allen explains what a gigolo is to the children of the woman he’s dating. It’s a musician thing, surely. It’s a lie, but it probably has more in common with the truth than not.

With what is hopefully a pronounced lack of Last Vegas-style age jokes, Fading Gigolo will hit theaters for a limited run on April 18th. Will you swoon for it or avoid it altogether? Here’s the first trailer for your consideration.

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