The Great Unknown may be the latest in a long line of comic books to go into development, but don't look for any capes or tights in this story from acclaimed writer and artist Duncan Rouleau. The series follows Zach Fields, a possibly delusional slacker who thinks that someone, somehow is stealing all his great ideas. After he's unable to convince anyone else this is the case, Fields sets out on a mission to prove people are making a profit off his thoughts. It's a "Mind-Throbbing Whodunnit!"

New Line recently acquired the five part series from Image and has lined up Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone to direct the film adaptation. THR reports that Taccone, the man behind countless Digital Shorts for SNL and the cult favorite MacGruber, will direct a script from writer Michael Starrbury. Starrbury doesn't have many productions under his belt but his Watch Roger Do His Thing made the 'Black List' a few years back while another one of his screenplays, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete is also in pre-production.

Taccone's debut didn't break any box-office records but MacGruber has since found quite a following and personally, I find it be one of the better action comedies of the last few years and certainly the best SNL adaptation in, well, a lot longer (KFBR392). The Great Unknown marks the second feature film attempt for this Lonely Island member while Akiva Schaffer just finished his second with the upcoming Neighborhood Watch. Perhaps the role of Fields fits the bill for the third member of the crew? A slacker with delusions of grandeur, I think Andy Samberg could pull that off. Two words, Hot Rod.

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