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LucasFilm Shuts Down Small Star Wars Marathon

There’s been a few dick moves in this dog-eat-dog film industry, but this one certainly takes the cake. LucasFilm in all its infinite gallantry towards its surprisingly loyal fans has decided that a small bar in Brooklyn should not be allowed to show all 13 hours of the Star Wars films in succession for one day of celebrating what is remarkably still one of the most beloved franchises of all-time.

Mind you, this gathering was free and the only profit that stood to be made from the event was just the upcharging of the alcohol sales that will surely be made. You’d think that anything that would restore a little faith in the series or in LucasFilm in general they might just let it happen, but instead, according to a reader at TechDirt, their no doubt legions of clone lawyers wasted no time shipping a cease and desist letter, putting any sort of hope these 200 fans had left for Luke, Leia, Han et al. uncerimoniously to sleep.

I feel like I need to shower after writing this up. This event didn’t happen to me directly, but it doesn’t really matter who you are, if someone slights a Star Wars fan publicly, we all feel the sting. And coming from LucasFilm directly makes it hurt all the more. Not that any sort of backlash from this will hurt LucasFilm, but I’d say we’ll be hearing from them about this some time in the near future.